In 2013, Marco Pietrowski was in the shape of his life after winning a South African bodybuilding title and earning Professional status, but his health was about to change in an instant. He was a passenger in a car crash in Camps Bay that left him wheelchair-bound as an incomplete quadriplegic.
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I am marco pietrowski

Marco has grown up, and grown through, adversity. Born in South Africa into a mixed-race home during the apartheid years proved challenging for this fair skinned, blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy. He lost both his parents in a space of five years, and then was in a devastating car accident that left him paralised, and his then-fiance broke off the engagement, leaving him to recover alone.

The only way he got through this very difficult time was with the deeply-rooted faith in God that has been with him since a very young age.

Marco has turned his challenges and adversity into fuel. A powerful motivational speaker, his heartfelt story of overcoming emotional, mental and physical hardships inspires youth, teams, and corporates to overcome their own challenges.


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Fitness Model, WBFF Achiever Status and Personal Trainer, Marco Pietrowski never imagined that being able to twitch his legs would have been a massive achievement. But after being paralyzed in a car crash, as a passenger in the vehicle in Dec 2013, it was the first sign of movement that gave him hope. Marco suffered one of the worst cases of Spinal Cord Injury at level C5.
Today Marco is able to take a short walk with assistance despite the battles and challenges he now faces daily; his hopes is that his story would both inspire and motivate you to find the power to believe that you can find strength from within to succeed in your own personal lives.
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Marco is a passionate communicator who inspires and motivates youth, teams, and corporates with his story of hope, perseverance and faith. Surviving a devastating car accident that left him paralysed, he take his audience on a journey that they can use in their own lives to survive their own challenges.

Please consider helping Marco continue his work by supporting him with a financial contribution, be it once-off, or monthly.

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Brandon Beack

WWB (Walking With Brandon foundation)

“Marco’s inspiring story is a clear example of the roller coaster of challenges that life can throw your way. But his tenacity and determination to always seek to better his situation, is a message that anyone can take and apply to their own life.”

Janice Jordan

CEO - colabIT

“Your determination, guts and never give up attitude is something that most of us should really aspire to emulate.

Thank you again and we would highly recommend you to others who have teams that need to remember that we “SHOULD NEVER GIVE UP” with you as our shining example!”

Aniska Heyns

Portland Group

“The Heyns family have come to hear of Marco’s inspiring (and horrific) journey through his wife, Lyndal. The more we came to know, the more we were interested to hear from the man himself.

We decided to book Marco as guest speaker for our management staff at Portland Group and we were not disappointed. His story serves as an amazing reminder of what the human mind and body can be capable of if you just have the right mind set.

It was very inspiring to hear from Marco and we would recommend him for any type of motivational discussion.

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