I am marco pietrowski

Marco has grown up, and grown through, adversity. Born in South Africa into a mixed-race home (his father was Polish and his mother coloured) during the apartheid years proved challenging for this fair skinned, blue-eyed, blonde-haired boy.


Marco found himself struggling to identify with private school as well as public school children, regardless of whether they looked like him on the outside, or sounded like his Durban-style accent.

I am Marco Pietrowski
I am Marco Pietrowski

Be Whatever You Want to Be

After Nelson Mandela led South Africa out of apartheid and into reconciliation, Marco needed to know who he was, where he belonged. “Mummy, what am I, coloured or white?” was his heartfelt question. “You can be whatever you want to be,” was her liberating answer.

From that moment Marco knew that the colour of one’s skin makes no difference, rather character and loyalty mark a man.

Champion in Pro Fitness

Marco’s interest in bodybuilding and fitness started at a very young age. When he took part in his first show as a Pro FAME Fitness Model in 2008, he claimed first place. He became a sponsored athlete and worked security and became a personal trainer shortly thereafter.


In 2013 Marco competed in the first World Beauty and Fitness Federation (WBFF) show in South Africa. He received his Professional Fitness Model status, and continued work as a Personal Trainer in Cape Town.

I am Marco Pietrowski

Life-Altering Challenges

Marco lost both his parents in a space of five years. Then, in the same year that he competed in the WBFF show, he was in a devastating car accident that left him paralised. Marco suffered one of the worst cases of spinal cord injury at level C5. As a result of the paralysis his then-fiance broke off the engagement, leaving him to recover alone.

The only way he got through this very difficult time was with the deeply-rooted faith in God that has been with him since a very young age.

Rising Above the Storm

Marco Pietrowski has moved through the challenges, leaving him stronger and more motivated than ever. Not only has he met and married his soul mate - Lyndal Pietrowski - but in spite of the daily mental, physical, and emotional challenges his injuries have caused, he is now able to take short walks with assistance.

Marco is an inspiring motivational speaker, sharing his story and life lessons with those who need it most.


“You have the power of choice to either give up now, or to act in faith and be the very best you can be in this life instead.” - Marco Pietrowski

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